October 14 Newsletter

Hello on this gorgeous Monday! I hope students were able to enjoy a nice 3 day weekend. Now back to school…

*Friday is 8th grade Pizza Lunch for those who have ordered. Please remember snacks and water bottles!
*Friday we will have a living Rosary in the Church to Honor Mary. Perfect uniforms, please. No free dress passes or Gator Gear.
*A huge thank you to Ellie’s mom, Kimberly, who brought in fleece for our STEM groups! This will be a big help!

Math: We are working with numbers 9 and 10. We are also practicing counting to 100 with some fun songs with movement.
Language Arts: This week we are talking about Jobs. All people work in some way or another, and many animals have jobs too.
Our sight words are: and get
Religion: Our lesson this week is “God Protects Us”
Other: With the short week last week, we will catch up on some things we didn’t get to.
We are busy testing students on skills. Results will be shared with you on mid-trimester reports, which come home on Friday, 10/25.
Students from the Jr. High leadership elective will be doing a special STEM project with K’s this afternoon.
Have a great week!
Mrs. Crockett
M. New words and sentences
T. Redbird Math.
W. Little Reader