January 22 Newsletter

Hello Parents,
I hope you had a nice weekend. Students have been practicing what we have learned from Dr. King and remembering to be kind to others.
We are having a curriculum review week for this short week. I want to make sure you are aware of a few things that are coming up!
First, our star this week is Adeline!
Coming up…
This Friday students may have free dress and wear jeans to school. We will be in the dirt planting primroses around the school and church so the grounds look spiffy for Catholic Schools Week. No fancy dresses or shoes for gardening, please!
CSW begins on Sunday with Mass and a School Open House.
PLEASE refer to the EFC for all of the activities of the week. There are certain dress days and events that you will need to know about.
On Friday, February 1st there will be an Olympic themed Spirit Day with each class dressing for a different country. Our country is SPAIN. Students may dress in colors of their flag, or anything Spanish. I’m trying to think of a unifying project that we could wear as a class. Bullfighters with red capes? We would need some red felt. Any ideas? Let me know!
Another bit of information is that Kindergarten students (only) will not have school on February 8th. The staff will be busy testing the incoming kindergarten students for 2019-2020. Wow.
As always, please continue to dress your children for the weather. We had some cold little hands today, so mittens or gloves would be a good idea!
Thank you parents, for all that you do!
Mrs. Crockett
Today Math sheet in folder
Wednesday Reader Please return on Thursday in the plastic bag.